Own, Earn and Upgrade

Spider Tanks is built on Web3 tech, allowing players to own their garage and earn real rewards for playing!


PVP Brawler







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Get the inside scoop on new Tanks, new NFT drops and chances to win.

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Play To Earn

Play to Earn

Spider Tanks is free to play, but uses cutting edge blockchain technology that unlocks every player's power to earn. The play-to-earn mechanics of Spider Tanks revolve around skill-based competition, resource collection, and a player driven upgrade cycle that allows players to earn real rewards.


Build and Upgrade

Experiment with unique combinations of tank bodies, weapons, and special items in the battle arena, putting your skill and firepower to the test against worthy opponents. The greater your upgrades, the more powerful you will become.



In the heat of battle, strategy is everything. Spider Tanks is loaded with different game modes, allowing your team to work together to outsmart and outgun the competition. Do you have what it takes?

Customize your Equipment in the

Tank Garage

Select Weapon

Cannon Cannon
Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle
Lava Launcher Lava Launcher
Shotgun Shotgun
Artilery Artilery
Eggsecutioner Eggsecutioner
Flamethrower Flamethrower
Gattling Gun Gattling Gun
Rail Gun Rail Gun
Repair Art Repair Artilery
Repair Gun Repair gun
Rocket Art Rocket Artilery
Shocker Shocker
Crossbow Crossbow

Select Body

Scout Scout
Bandit Bandit
Shepherd Shepherd
Titan Titan
Chicken Chicken
Muzzle Muzzle
Tortoise Tortoise
Treadwalker Treadwalker
Tricopter Tricopter

(Stats subject to change)

Game Modes

Different game modes present different strategic and team-based challenges to always keep gameplay fresh.

Embrace destruction with a

Team Deathmatch

In this all-out brawl style match, the team with the most kills gets the victory. Create killer destructive combinations with your team, and let the chaos ensure.

Lighten Things Up with a Game of

Capture The Chicken

Your team's goal is to capture as many moving chickens as possible. If you catch more chickens than the other team, you're the winner, and a Spider Tanks chicken master.

Embrace a Classic with

Capture The Flag

There is only one flag, and the team who holds it in their possession the longest will be victorious in this match. Quickness must not be underestimated in Capture the Flag.

Own Victory, Claim Rewards

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