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Own your garage and customize your Tanks to create the perfect machine of destruction


PVP Brawler






PC / Mac

Play To Earn

Captain or Pilot?

Tank Parts are player-owned items, available to be collected, traded, upgraded and mixed around on your favorite builds. Strap into the driver’s seat of one of your custom Tanks or hop into the Pilot Program to drive a Tank owned by another player.


Build and Upgrade

Experiment with unique combinations of tank bodies, weapons, and special items in the battle arena, putting your skill and firepower to the test against worthy opponents. The greater your upgrades, the more powerful you will become.



In the heat of battle, strategy is everything. Spider Tanks is loaded with different game modes, allowing your team to work together to outsmart and outgun the competition. Do you have what it takes?

Customize your Equipment in the

Tank Garage

Select Weapon

Cannon Cannon
Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle
Lava Launcher Lava Launcher
Shotgun Shotgun
Artilery Artilery
Eggsecutioner Eggsecutioner
Flamethrower Flamethrower
Gattling Gun Gattling Gun
Rail Gun Rail Gun
Repair Art Repair Artilery
Repair Gun Repair gun
Rocket Art Rocket Artilery
Shocker Shocker
Crossbow Crossbow

Select Body

Scout Scout
Bandit Bandit
Shepherd Shepherd
Titan Titan
Chicken Chicken
Muzzle Muzzle
Tortoise Tortoise
Treadwalker Treadwalker
Tricopter Tricopter

(Stats subject to change)

So many play modes It's a brawl for all!

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